Fundamentals of Islam Course (FIC)



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      This course embarks its learners upon a journey to learn the required matters of religion which every Muslim is required to affirm and believe in wholeheartedly. It is an introductory course on a true meaning of tawhid (monotheism) as intended by the Shari’ah and Islamic Basic Knowledge (Fardhu ‘Ain) for beginners; conveying the essential aspects of our creed and fundamental aspects of a Muslim worship according to the Shafi'e sect and based on authentic teachings firmly ingrained in the Qur’an and Sunnah. It will begin with an overview of True Faith, or Iman, followed by multiple lessons on Allah and His Attributes. Other fundamentals of faith, such as the belief in Prophets, Divine Books, Angels, Divine Decree and the Last Day will be explored in a refreshing, relevant and easy-to-understand manner. Followed by Islamic Basic Knowledge that covers Bab Taharah, Solat, Siyam, Zakat & Haj.


Study Hours

3 hours per session for 16 sessions, spanning a total of 48 hours.



Registration Fee
Short Course
: $54.00
Monthly Fee
Short Course

: $81 per month (for 4 months)

 The use of GIRO is mandatory.


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